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How to Make Your Laptop Battery go longer daily

How to Make Your Laptop Battery go longer daily

The battery in a laptop will usually be last anywhere from 18 to 36 months. This span is the scheduled life of the battery with no additional steps taken by the user.

But if you take a little spare period and care of your power derivation, you might be able to broaden the life of your laptop battery. At the very slightest, amplify the performance of the day-to-day stability of the laptop.

How to Make Your Laptop Battery go longer daily

  1. Limit computer gaming, CD listening, and video watching. Graphics sound intensive programs drain the battery faster.
  2. Change the Windows Power Options. You can change the Power Options settings in the Control Panel, so the hard drive and screen turn off after a few moments of non-use.
  3. Copy CD or DVD data to the hard drive.
  4. Switch off the brightness of our screen.
  5. Turn off or mute the speakers on the laptop.
  6. Don’t plug-in outer hard drives, speakers, USB, or other hardware when the battery is in use.
  7. Turn off scheduled tasks.

The laptop uses less power if you run such applications from the hard drive rather than use the CD/DVD optical drive.

Focusing on the Battery

  • Once a month, enable the battery to deplete entirely. Make sure you have saved all your chore and leave no programs open while seeping the battery.
  • Make sure to have the power adapter plugged into a surge protector, not just a wall outlet.
  • Do not always evacuate the power adapter plugged in.
  • If you are not going to use the laptop for several days, take the battery out of the computer.
  • Keep the laptop and the battery at a lower temperature.

Disclosure to high heat or extreme cold can damage the battery; not to mention the computer.

Tips for Getting Maximum Life for Your Laptop Battery

  1. The more time you spend on your laptop, the more you’ll appreciate and understand the importance of its battery life.
  2.  The truth is, nonetheless of how much your laptop is eligible for, it’s only as decent as the battery that keeps it powered.
  3. Keep your laptop battery cool- The hotter your battery, the quicker it loses its charge capacity. Laptop battery manufactory will usually shelter their products at roughly 60°F. Please don’t put it in the refrigerator or freezer as this could cause severe damage.
  4. Avoid running your laptop battery completely dry- While the belief exists that it’s best to expel your battery with every charge entirely, this isn’t the case when it comes to Lithium Ion notebook batteries.
  5. Today’s batteries perform best when recharged while still having 10-20% capacity remaining. Charge your laptop battery to its full capacity the first time and every time- New batteries almost always arrive entirely discharged.
  6. With that in mind, here are six significant things you should know about the shelf life of laptop batteries and how to go about maintaining them to assure you’re reaping as much out of them as possible


Give your laptop battery a complete charge upon receipt, and allow it to charge every time you plug it in thoroughly.

If you don’t need it, don’t use it- The capacity of a laptop battery remains discharging.

Even if your laptop is plugged into the wall, the battery is still going through a constant charge-discharge process. If you know you’ll be working from a location where you’ll be near an electrical outlet, go ahead and remove the battery and store it in a cool spot.

Don’t keep batteries stored for long periods- While it’s nice to have spare batteries around, laptop batteries are always losing at least a little bit of their charge.

Assess your alternate laptop battery needs, and keep yourself supplied consequently.

Don’t connect notebook battery before long periods of inactivity- When it’s crucial to have a spare battery or two around, be sure to store them with just 10-20% capacity remaining. This medium will keep it performing at a high rate once it’s time to put that spare battery into action.

You may very well have the best laptop money can buy, but without a functioning battery, your laptop is meaningless. Knowing how to get the most from a laptop battery and putting that knowledge into action will make a significant distinction and conserve you a lot of money and headaches.

Here are some more tips for the better life of the battery.

  • Maintain your hard drive in Shape – should be planned to ensure that your hard drive is better. You can do so at a momentum that is good in the defragmentation procedure regular laptop.

Rapidly processing and uses less battery will lengthen its life. On a similar note, you can also process the lowermost that does not need to halt running.

  • This eruption is not necessary – unlike you are near a judgment that you have all those gadgets you plug-in external devices such as a mouse, keyboards, speakers, etc. suck all the power very rapidly.

You need to ensure that your CD drive is vacant if you do not keep the CD spinning inside the battery.

  • Go comfortable with Lights and Sounds – prolong the battery life is to weaken this means that the light of the LCD and deduction or elicit of noises.

Attempt to keep the lights on the lowest status that can take your eyes for the sounds, if you can reside without them entirely, it would be preferable to turn them off fully simple.

  • Tweak the energy options – if your network is running Windows XP or Vista, you will have access to boosted features to assist you, your laptop will power. You can select numerous settings and optimize the battery by modifying these parameters.
  • Scape the themes and screen savers – done under the primary view on your laptop does not damage. It runs the same way nonetheless. Mostly, these things are only ornamental, and they can use to go to a lot of battery power so smoothly without them. You can not use it regardless if your laptop is off.

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