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What are the best laptop and Macbook accessories Loudspeakers for laptops

What are the best laptop and Macbook accessories Loudspeakers for laptops

We nowadays use our laptops more often and more often as portable ‘media players’. However, laptops are often not precisely known for their high-quality speaker equipment.

It is very often the case that you get a ‘tinny’ sound with notebooks. The basis for this bad sound often lies with the sound card and your laptop speakers.

What is the demerit of an inbuilt laptop speaker?

Laptop speakers are built into the laptop. Often these are small speakers or small strips of speakers without much power.

Because laptops are compact, it is difficult to make these speakers at a high-quality level.

Of course, there are also exceptions! There are special laptops, with excellent laptop speakers, but these often cost a lot more, or they compromise on other features.

Often the problem with these laptop speakers is that they cannot suppress noise sufficiently and that the speakers start to become very warm.

Standalone laptop speakers


Let’s be honest. If you want your laptop to play pure movies and music, you should opt for separate laptop speakers.

Most of these laptop speakers are connected to your laptop via cabling. This wiring usually consists of two pieces.

You must connect one cable to your laptop with the headset icon; the other cable must be plugged into a socket.

Fortunately, there are now all kinds of solutions for people who prefer to struggle with as little cabling as possible.

For example, certain speakers are available on the market that can work on your laptop via an included USB stick.

Another option to avoid wiring and cabling is to purchase separate laptop speakers with a Bluetooth function.

Bluetooth is an open network for wireless connection between devices at a short distance.

Via the built-in Bluetooth function in the laptop speakers, your laptop can easily be connected to these laptop speakers, so that the sound you play on your laptop is sent to the speakers, which then play this sound more qualitatively.

Space-saving laptop speakers

A possible disadvantage of separate laptop speakers is, of course, the space they occupy.

Although these laptop speakers are not very large, this can still be disturbing.

There are speakers, specially developed for laptops that you can click on your laptop! As you can see in the photo on the right, this system is often connected to the laptop’s top.

The speakers can be aimed at both the front and the rear.

Another original solution for lack of space is a ‘lap desk’ with built-in speakers.

A lap desk is a handy and soft surface that you can put on your lap, with the laptop on it. Laptop speakers are built into some lap desks so that the sound is nicely distributed and again does not take up extra space.

Best speakers for laptops

There are many different speakers on the market. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to have your laptop play some qualitative sound! You can often find great speakers for your laptop with a price tag of fewer than 15 dollars.

Before you buy the laptop speakers, always try to listen to the speakers, or at least look up some reviews. This way, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises!

Laptop Coolers

Don’t mistake a laptop cooler for the fans that are already on the laptop! After all, a laptop cooler is a particular gadget that ensures that your laptop always stays fresh!

This way you can be sure that your laptop no longer freezes and you also extend the lifespan of your laptop considerably.

What is a laptop cooler?

As you probably know, a laptop already has one or more fans on the bottom of the laptop. These fans ensure that all the technical and mechanical gadgets in the laptop itself do not overheat so that they can continue to work perfectly.

However, a laptop is a compact computer, so these fans cannot do this job all by themselves.

Because people often bring the laptop on their lap, or even on a hard surface such as a desk, insufficient air can be moved, so that there is not enough cooling for the laptop.

A laptop cooler or a ‘cooling pad’ is a coaster for your laptop, with some fans integrated into it. You connect this laptop cooler -via the USB connection- to your laptop to prevent the computer from overheating.

Also, there is not only a model that is convenient to take on your lap, but also an ergonomic model that you can place on the desk. This second variant is available as a ‘riser’.

A riser ensures the cooling of the laptop, but also that the laptop can be brought to eye level via an elevation and descent system.

These external coolers can be found in different price classes. You can find the necessary coolers for 20 to 30 dollars. Slightly more advanced models can be found for up to 100 dollars.

MacBook Accessories

Apple accessories

Today many people have a product from Apple. Or you have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac. The products themselves are costly, so you also want to make sure you handle them properly.

The Macbook and iMac are both computers and they also last the longest. So you want to make sure that nothing happens to them, that you use them properly.

But something always goes wrong. Like the charger breaks, or you suddenly have scratches on the screen. So you don’t want that. You can then use the Macbook accessories.

MacBook sleeves and hard shells

Apple hard shell you has several accessories for the Macbook. You have the laptop sleeve, so your Macbook is protected while it is in your bag. This way, you prevent scratches on the outside and dust in the ports of the Macbook.

If you don’t want to use a sleeve, you can also use the Macbook Hardshell cover. It also prevents you from getting scratches on the outside of your laptop. You have the skin cover for your keyboard.

This makes typing easier, and no dust gets between the keys. You can use the protective film for your screen. This way, there are no fingerprints and scratches on the screen. The accessories are suitable for any Macbook.

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